Solar Masters Class Training

Solar Masters Class Training

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    Engr. Tosin Olofin
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Target Audience

This course is aimed at students, graduates, NYSC members, Engineers, Home owners, Architects, Property Developers, Consultant. 

Anyone that has interest in renewable energy or who want, to have a good understanding of solar photovoltaic.

Please note- Knowledge in electrical engineering is not needed.


A Basic understanding of English language and a good determination to learn.


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Course Objective

• Install Solar Panels (powerful rooftop techniques)
• Install Inverter and deep cycle batteries
• Understand Inverter load & Power Estimations & Calculations-Solar energy Audit
Learn about Battery technology and types of batteries
• Understand the various types of Inverters: Pure SineWave and Quasi-Sinewave Inverters.
• Understand and learn to install PWM and MPPT Solar charge controllers.
• Understand the various types of Solar Panels: Polycrystalline, Amorphous & Monocrystalline Technologies.
• Understand Inverter & Solar Panel Specifications. Course Contents & Schedule.
• Acquire entrepreneurial skills on how to launch your own career in solar/renewable energy
• Understand the Basics of wind energy
• Identify original and Fake, solar component e.g., inverter batteries etc.


A Basic understanding of English language and a good determination to learn.

Solar Masters Class Training

Introduction to Renewable Energy and Solar Technology.
• Types of Solar Panels,
• Learn different types of charge controllers: MPPT and PW charge controllers,
• Applications and installation.
• Identification and uses of cables and cable lugs.
• Inverter Systems: Inverter types, features & Technical specifications
• Batteries: Battery types: Deep cycle batteries, Engine start batteries, Sealed lead acid batteries
• Tools and equipment used for Solar & Inverters
• Tools and equipments used for Solar and Inverter measurements

Practical Exercise:

• Using Multimeter and Clamp Multimeter,
• Voltage and Current Measurements from Battery and Solar Panels.

• Understand types of Solar Energy Installations.
• Problems encountered during installationsharing
life experience
• How to avoid problems during installation Practical Exercises:
• How to make series and parallel installations of batteries and panels.
• Connecting charge controllers
• Connecting solar panels in series & parallel, Connecting batteries.
• Inverter set – up for load topoint connection, load test & feedback.

• Energy efficiency,
• Energy auditing,
• Introduction to systems design:
• Designs and installation procedures of inverter systems.
• Understanding inverter specifications & features, Estimating inverter capacity for specific household or load requirements,
• Inverter standalone tests.
• Solar panel specifications,
• Estimating solar and inverter specifications for a given load or power requirement. Practical Exercises:
• Individual system

• Solar electrical installation & electrical safety
• Basics of electrical Installation
• Safety in handling deep cycle batteries (to avoid for e.g explosion or fire).
• Electrical safety requirements
• Inverter installation: Electrical load isolation from the mains circuit breaker (MCB), interfacing the inverter to the
• Connecting the solar panels to the inverter. Interfacing the solar charge controller to the inverter,
• mounting and installation of the solar panels.

• Entrepreneurship
• Careers in the solar industry
• Perquisites for choosing your career
• How to start your business with little or no capital
• Writing a good proposal
• Identifying your customer

After graduating from Lagos State University, Tosin proceeded to University of Johannesburg, South Africa to get another degree in Renewable Energy studies (BSc. Hons). He is a proud member of South Africa National Energy Association (SANEA), has completed several training in India , has Professional certifications from SMA Germany and others. He has over 7 years experience in solar energy technology and has trained over 700 solar installers.

Professional Courses

• Solar training on Photovoltaic 1 CPD credit (Category 1)SMA Germany and Solar Training Center South Africa.
• Modern Technologies and Pathways for the Energetic Use of Biomass (3 ECSA CPD Credit point).University of Johannesburg and Universitat Stuttgart, South Africa.
• Photovoltaic Rooftop Installation Enel Green Power RSA (Pty) Ltd and Master Artisan Academy SA.
• Certificate in Project Management, December 2013.Institute Of Business Management Of South Africa.
• Certificate in Energy Auditing, 2017. Branok Engineering.
• Solar Marketing Strategist India
• Training the Trainer- Branok Energy.

Course Project


• You are required to Identify any household, do a proper energy audit, and system design. i.e You’ll be required to estimate capacity of inverter, battery capacity and the number of solar panels of particular power rating.

• Then you would Implement it in the training lab.
• This would be done under close supervision.


General review of entire training.

Course Features

  • Duration : 5 Days
  • Hours-per-day : 07
  • Lectures : 05
  • Students Trained : 250
Price : ₦30000.00